Dining by Traffic Light: Green Is for Go, Red Is for Stop

In this article, I reveal my site visitors mild process for rating the relative healthfulness of Eco-friendly Mild vs. Yellow Light vs. Crimson Light foodstuff.

Whenever I’m requested at a lecture no matter whether a precise foods is healthier or not, my reply is: “Compared to what?” For case in point, are eggs balanced? In comparison to some breakfast sausage future to it? Yes. But when compared to oatmeal? Not even close. Picture acquiring $2,000 in your daily calorie financial institution. How do you want to shell out it? For the similar quantity of calories, you can consume possibly a person Big Mac, 50 strawberries, or half a wheelbarrow whole of salad greens. People don’t just fill the identical culinary niche—if you want a burger, you want a burger—and I do not count on quarts of strawberries to make it onto the Greenback Menu any time before long, but it is an illustration of how mountainous a dietary bang you can get for the same caloric buck.

Just about every time we place one thing in our mouth, it is a shed chance to set anything even more healthy in our mouth. So, what are the most effective foods to take in and the greatest foods to avoid? 

I like to feel of it in a targeted traffic mild technique, which I describe in my online video Dining by Traffic Mild: Inexperienced Is for Go, Crimson Is for Stop, to assist quickly discover some of the healthiest possibilities. Environmentally friendly suggests go, yellow usually means warning, and red signifies stop…and think right before you place it into your mouth. 

Ideally, on a working day-to-working day basis, environmentally friendly category foodstuff (unprocessed plant food items) ought to be maximized, yellow foods (processed plant foods and unprocessed animal meals) minimized, and purple classification foodstuff (extremely-processed plant food items and processed animal foodstuff) avoided. As significantly as I can determine, the very best obtainable balance of evidence suggests the most healthful diet plan is 1 that maximizes the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans, break up peas, chickpeas, and lentils), entire grains, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, and herbs and spices. True food that grows out of the ground, from fields not factories. These are our most healthful selections. In normal, the a lot more total plant meals and the fewer processed and animal meals, the far better. So, I’m chatting about extra inexperienced-gentle meals and much less yellow- and pink-gentle foodstuff. Similar to functioning red lights in the real world, you may perhaps be capable to get absent with it at the time and awhile, but I wouldn’t advise earning a routine out of it. 

My targeted traffic light model stresses two essential principles: Plant foods tend to be much more healthful than animal food items, in conditions of staying packed with protective nutrition (this sort of as phytonutrients, antioxidants, potassium, and fiber) and fewer disorder-endorsing components (together with saturated body fat, cholesterol, trans excess fat, and sodium), and unprocessed meals are likely to be more healthful than processed foodstuff. Is that generally correct? No. Am I declaring that all plant foods are superior than all animal food items? No. In reality, the worst issue on retailer cabinets has been partly hydrogenated vegetable shortening like Crisco, and that even has “vegetable” ideal in its name! Even some unprocessed crops, such as blue-environmentally friendly algae, can be toxic, and any one who has ever had a lousy case of poison ivy understands crops never always like to be messed with. In typical, even though, pick out plant foodstuff more than animal foodstuff, and unprocessed foods around processed. 

What do I imply by processed? The common instance is the milling of grains from total wheat to white flour. Isn’t it ironic that these grains are then named “refined,” a word that means enhanced or designed much more exquisite? The class was not felt by the thousands and thousands who died in the 19th century from beriberi, a vitamin B-deficiency sickness that resulted from sprucing rice from brown to white. White rice is now enriched with vitamins to compensate for the “refinement.” A Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of the result in of beriberi and its cure—rice bran, the brown section of rice. Beriberi can induce problems to the coronary heart muscle, ensuing in unexpected death from coronary heart failure. Definitely, this kind of a matter could never ever take place in present day instances, ideal? An epidemic of heart disorder that could be prevented and treated with a transform in diet regime? For far more on this, verify out my films on heart sickness listed here.

From time to time, processing can make meals additional healthful. For illustration, tomato appears to be the a person popular juice that may possibly essentially be additional healthful than the complete fruit. The processing of tomato products and solutions boosts the availability of its antioxidant purple pigment by as significantly as 5-fold. Equally, the elimination of unwanted fat from cacao beans to make cocoa powder enhances the nutritional profile, given that cocoa butter is a single of the uncommon saturated plant fat, alongside with coconut and palm kernel oils, that may raise cholesterol.

So, for the applications of the site visitors light-weight product, I like to feel of “unprocessed” as nothing undesirable added and nothing excellent taken absent. In the over illustration, tomato juice could be believed of as somewhat unprocessed since even much of the fiber is retained. If salt is additional, however, that would make it a processed food stuff in my e-book and bump it out of the environmentally friendly-gentle zone. Equally, I would contemplate chocolate as a processed food (given that it has extra sugar), but cocoa powder not. 

The restricted role I see for yellow-gentle meals in a balanced diet plan is to endorse the intake of eco-friendly-mild foods. Yellow-light food items can be the spoonful of sugar that helps make the medication go down. If the only way I can get a patient to eat oatmeal in the morning is to make it creamy with almond milk, then I inform them to include almond milk. The very same could be reported for red-light foods. If the only way you’re going to try to eat a massive salad is to sprinkle on a little something like Bac-Os, then sprinkle away. 

Bac-Os are an case in point of what I refer to as an ultra-processed food, a person that bears no redeeming dietary qualities or resemblance to nearly anything that grew out of the ground, and frequently has added badness. Bac-Os has extra trans fats, salt, sugar, and even Purple 40, a food stuff dye that could induce hundreds of thyroid cancers every single 12 months. As a pink-mild foodstuff, it should ideally be prevented, but if the option to your huge spinach salad with one thing like Bac-Os is KFC, then it’s better to sprinkle on some Bac-Os. The exact even goes for true bacon bits. 

I know some individuals have spiritual or ethical objections to even trivial amounts of animal products. Rising up Jewish upcoming to the major pig manufacturing facility west of the Mississippi, I can relate to the two sentiments. But, from a human health standpoint, when it will come to animal items and processed foodstuff, it’s the general food plan that matters. For instance, with out warm sauce, my consumption of darkish inexperienced leafy vegetables would plummet. I could attempt producing my personal from scratch, of program, but for the time currently being, the “green” finishes justify the “red” implies.

On the very same be aware, it is definitely the day-to-working day that matters most. It should not make a major difference what we try to eat on exclusive occasions. Come to feel absolutely free to embellish your birthday cake with edible bacon-flavored candles (I’m not building those up!), though I guess from a foodstuff protection point of see, a raw cake batter Salmonella infection could leave you in dire straits. In typical, nevertheless, it is seriously your frequent regime that determines your prolonged-expression health and fitness. Our entire body has a impressive potential to get better from sporadic insults, as very long as we’re not habitually poking it with a fork. 

That’s why, from a medical standpoint, I never like the phrases vegetarian and vegan, since they are defined by what you do not eat. When I taught at Cornell, I had vegan pupils who appeared to be living off of french fries and beer. Vegan, most likely, but not terribly well being-promoting. That’s why I like the phrase complete food stuff plant-based mostly diet. In common, the dividing line in between overall health-marketing foodstuff and disease-promoting foods may be a lot less plant-sourced compared to animal-sourced food items, and additional full plant food items compared to most almost everything else.


  • Every time we try to eat, we have an possibility to enjoy a little something even more healthy. I use a site visitors light system when I search at food stuff to quickly rank their relative healthfulness: inexperienced suggests go, yellow means warning, and pink implies cease and consider before you put it into your mouth.
  • Environmentally friendly-gentle meals (unprocessed plant foods) should be maximized, yellow-light food items (processed plant meals and unprocessed animal foodstuff) really should be minimized, and we really should stay away from purple-mild foods (ultra-processed plant meals and processed animal foodstuff).
  • The greatest offered stability of evidence implies the most healthful diet program maximizes intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans, break up peas, chickpeas, and lentils), whole grains, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, and herbs and spices.
  • Plant meals, which are normally more healthful than animal-dependent foodstuff, are larger in protective vitamins, this kind of as phytonutrients, antioxidants, potassium, and fiber, and lower in disease-endorsing components, which include saturated fats, cholesterol, trans excess fat, and sodium. And, unprocessed food items are likely to be additional healthful than processed food items.
  • The basic example is a processed food is the milling of grains from whole wheat to white flour.
  • Processing doesn’t normally decreased the healthfulness of a food. For instance, tomato appears to be the a single typical juice that may perhaps be far more healthful than the entire fruit simply because the processing of tomato merchandise boosts the availability of its antioxidant red pigment by as substantially as five-fold.
  • In phrases of my traffic light procedure, I assume of “unprocessed” as almost nothing poor additional and nothing at all good taken absent.
  • There is a position for yellow-mild meals, albeit a confined one—to endorse the use of eco-friendly-gentle meals. For illustration, if incorporating a yellow-gentle meals to a environmentally friendly-mild food is the only way you will consume it, then it’s worthwhile. Include almond milk to oatmeal, for case in point, if basic oatmeal isn’t creamy enough for you to eat it.
  • Ultra-processed meals have no redeeming dietary characteristics, really don’t resemble something that grew out of the floor, and often have included badness—e.g., Bac-Os, with their included trans fats, salt, sugar, and even Crimson 40, a food dye that might lead to hundreds of thyroid cancers each 12 months. As a purple-mild food, it need to ideally be avoided, but if the option to a spinach salad with Bac-Os is KFC, then sprinkle on some Bac-Os to prevent the even even worse crimson-gentle meal.
  • Your frequent regime establishes your extensive-time period wellbeing, so do not position fantastic significance on a distinctive event meal right here or there. Our human body has a remarkable capacity to recover from sporadic insults—just don’t frequently, habitually assault it with a fork.
  • I prefer the time period “whole food stuff, plant-based nutrition” to “vegetarian” or “vegan” because you can be veg*n devoid of staying health-advertising in your diet plan.
  • Frequently talking, the line in the sand between wellbeing-promoting foodstuff and illness-advertising and marketing foodstuff may be significantly less plant-sourced compared to animal-sourced foods, and additional entire plant meals vs . most anything else.

This is a person of all those scarce blogs I’ve finished which is not just straight peer-reviewed science. If you are on the lookout for much more of this variety of investigation, glance no even further than How Not to Die—more specifically, the whole 2nd 50 percent of my guide, which contains exactly that. Notice that all of the recipes from its companion, The How Not to Die Cookbook, are comprised of 100 percent Environmentally friendly Light-weight components. How do you make a little something taste salty devoid of salt? Sweet without sugar? Check out my cookbook and see—and then taste—for on your own! (All proceeds I receive from all my books are donated to charity.) 

I check out one more one of the resources I launched in the guide in my video Dr. Greger’s Day-to-day Dozen Checklist.

Let me know if you like these a lot more simple tips-style weblogs, or if you’d somewhat I just adhere to the science.

In overall health,

Michael Greger, M.D.

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