Superfood Vital Reds with Greens Juice Powder by Feel Great 365, Doctor Formulated,100% Non-GMO, Whole Food Multivitamin Powder – Fruits, Vegetables, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes & Polyphenols

Product Description

Feel Great 365 Organic SuperfoodsFeel Great 365 Organic Superfoods

Superfood Vital Reds Superfood PowderSuperfood Vital Reds Superfood Powder


Polyphenols are powerful compounds found in many fruits and vegetables that give them their bright hues, flavors and oxidative powers. Feel Great 365 Superfood Reds contains four transformative polyphenol and antioxidant blends that have profound benefits on the human body including promoting maximum energy, helping reduce cravings, aid in weight management, providing heart support and promoting healthy digestion*. We pack Superfoods Reds with fruits and vegetables that have the highest concentration of polyphenols with 8000 ORAC per serving. These antioxidants also help prevent and slow cell damage caused by free radicals that can help slow the aging process to improve your life and overall health.*


As we age, free radicals attack our cells taking a toll on our overall health and having profound negative effects on our energy levels. Feel Great Vitaminc Co.’s Superfoods Reds is the ultimate formula to powerfully combat these harmful agents with polyphenols and antioxidants that crush free radicals and act as catalysts infusing the cells of the human body providing them with protection and nutrients they need to support and maintain maximum energy.*


In addition to the powerful anti-aging, natural energy and overall health benefits, the powerful quantities of polyphenol and antioxidants found Superfoods Reds have been shown to help reduce cravings, provide weight management control and help reduce bloating overall.*

Superfood Green and Reds PowderSuperfood Green and Reds Powder

Superfood PowderSuperfood Powder

Vital RedsVital Reds

Made from Whole Foods

No Artificial Color or Flavors

No Sugar Added

No Synthetic Vitamins

Aids Mental Acuity & Energy

Supports Craving Control

Contains Caffeine






DOCTOR-FORMULATED: Unlike most superfoods, you’ll see, this one was directly formulated by a doctor with extensive knowledge of chronic ailments and the link between the onset of these conditions and a patient’s deficient diet. This doctor created this Superfood powder to help eliminate all deficiencies and actually taste good at the same time. Unlike other products, on the market, this product is made with REAL FOODS.
DRINK TO OPTIMAL HEALTH: According to food nutrition, your body needs such a wide range of fruits, veggies, vitamins, minerals, natural fibers, enzymes, and probiotics in order to flourish, it’s no wonder you can’t give it everything in the course of your daily diet. Now you don’t have to, because one serving of Superfood Reds combines the power of 50 polyphenol-rich super-fruits, digestive enzymes, and probiotics for optimal health.
MANUFACTURED IN THE USA IN OUR PREMIER cGMP FACILITY: Many people are understandably skeptical when it turns out their green Superfood powder was manufactured in countries which may not employ stringent standards when it comes to manufacturing processes. We manufacture all our superfoods for increased energy right here in the USA in our GMP-certified facility. This ensures you get the amazing fruit & veggie Superfood you’re expecting in every serving.
GUARANTEE THE GOODNESS: At Feel Great 365, we​ ​warranty all our Superfood supplements for freshness, quality, and effectiveness. If you’re unhappy for ​ANY REASON with your Superfood Reds, just let us know and we’ll immediately send your refund or replacement.

Price: $49.97 - $39.98

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