Vitamin C for Male Infertility and Lead Poisoning?

What is the medical relevance of vitamin C amid direct-exposed infertile adult males? Compared to controls, lead battery sector personnel supplied 1,000 mg of vitamin C each workday for a few months experienced “a major increase in sperm motility and sperm count, as properly as lower in irregular sperm,” and “a major reduction in the incidence of sperm DNA fragmentation,” that is, damaged sperm DNA. Alright, but the ideal endpoint would be bouncing baby boys and girls. Enter this amazing little study from the University of Texas from far more than 30 yrs ago.

20-seven adult men with fertile wives had been attempting to have young ones for yrs to no avail. Twenty of them were given 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day for two months, and 7 acted as controls and didn’t get any vitamin C. The scientists adopted up at the finish of the 60 days. By then, each individual solitary one particular of the wives of every of the 20 guys who experienced gotten the vitamin C had grew to become pregnant—20 out of 20! Right after yrs of irritation, growth: 100-percent pregnant. What’s much more, not a single a person of the wives of males in the handle team acquired expecting. Rarely does one see these sorts of black-and-white effects in the health-related literature for any intervention.

Is the vitamin C decreasing the oxidative strain from the guide, or is it actually decreasing the degree of direct? Confident, antioxidant supplementation can have antioxidant outcomes, but it may perhaps fall short to truly lower guide degrees in the blood. Now, this was in a group of personnel who have been respiration guide working day in and working day out, and the way vitamin C may perhaps operate is by only blocking the “intestinal absorption of direct.” An previously analyze confirmed vitamin C supplementation apparently minimize guide concentrations by a third in 6 months, but that was with a whopping dose of 2 g with additional zinc. A further modest study identified the similar 30 percent fall with just 500 mg a day, no zinc, and in only a single thirty day period. But neither of all those research had a regulate group of topics who did not consider just about anything, so we do not know if their concentrations would have fallen anyway.

Equally, there is an virtually too-very good-to-be-real examine on the function of vitamin C in scavenging direct toxicity from “biosystems,” by which they intended little ones. They acquired 250 to 500 mg a working day of vitamin C for a several months, and shaved hair samples every single month observed up to a 69 percent decline in direct levels. Researchers repeated it in two other tiny teams of young children and noticed the same wonderful variety of drops in just about every solitary baby. But perhaps guide ranges have been just dropping during the full neighborhood all through that time? Without measuring lead levels in a manage group of children not taking vitamin C, we just can’t be positive.

As I illustrate from 3:17 in my video Yellow Bell Peppers for Male Infertility and Lead Poisoning?, with eight months of vitamin C, direct stages dropped in the blood and rose in the urine. One could conclude that the vitamin C was pulling direct out of the overall body, but the similar detail took place in the placebo group: Blood degrees dropped, and urine stages rose. So, it experienced very little to do with the vitamin C at all. That’s why it is normally critical to have a regulate group.

The identical applies with reports that appeared to demonstrate no reward. For illustration, 36 battery producing staff were examined. Each individual was given vitamin C, yet there was no modify in their lead ranges. But, it’s possible their co-staff experienced a large raise in lead stages through that same time time period, and the vitamin C was truly successful in retaining the subjects’ concentrations from rising. You really do not know without having a command group.

That’s why research like “The outcomes of vitamin C supplementation on blood and hair stages of cadmium, lead, and mercury” are so critical. Vitamin C vs . an identical-on the lookout sugar pill placebo. The final result? The vitamin C unsuccessful to help, which genuinely place a damper on enthusiasm for working with vitamin C for direct poisoning till a now-well known review was published in 1999 that confirmed that vitamin C supplementation could guide to a reduce in blood amounts. As you can see at 4:32 in my video, right after four months of taking a placebo, not significantly adjust happened in blood guide levels in the manage group, which is what we’d count on. In contrast, the vitamin C group began out at about the identical blood guide stage as the manage group, but within just one 7 days of taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day, lead amounts dropped 81 p.c. So, supplementation of vitamin C “may supply an economical and handy method of lowering blood-lead ranges, maybe by minimizing the intestinal absorption of direct.”

The urine lead concentrations did not improve, so it is not as if the topics had been excreting more lead in their urine to convey down their blood ranges. Having said that, most of the guide in our blood is in the red blood cells, which are recycled in the liver and discharged by way of the bile into the intestine the place the direct could just get reabsorbed—unless, maybe, you’ve obtained a great deal of vitamin C in there to block the re-absorption. But 1,000 mg is a ton of vitamin C. Would a thing like 200 mg, which is just about how a lot vitamin C you’d get in an orange and a cup of broccoli or strawberries, operate? The scientists examined that, way too. The 200 mg team begun out the same as the regulate and the 1,000 mg team, but blood direct concentrations didn’t actually budge. Bummer! So, 1,000 mg seemed to perform, but 200 mg did not. Is not 1,000 mg of vitamin C a little bit unnatural, however? The RDA is only 60 mg. Effectively, actually, we may have evolved for tens of millions of a long time acquiring nearer to 600 mg a day—ten periods the current RDA—because we had been feeding on so a lot of fruits and greens. Ok, but could you attain 1,000 mg of vitamin C without having to acquire pills? Of course! That is the quantity of vitamin C, for case in point, that can be uncovered in a few yellow bell peppers.

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Notice that there is absolutely nothing special about yellow bell peppers—other than their amazing vitamin C material, that is. I just utilized them as a realistic way to get 1,000 mg of vitamin C in total-food items variety. They’re certainly less complicated than consuming 10 oranges!

Though, recall my online video Peppers and Parkinson’s: The Benefits of Cigarette smoking With no the Hazards? So, just one would assume to get all the added benefits of the 1,000 mg of vitamin C with added benefits. Why not just just take vitamin C supplements? See Do Vitamin C Health supplements Prevent Colds but Result in Kidney Stones?.

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